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Announcing vijavaNG 6.7 with FULL support of VMware vSphere 6.7

After shipping the vijavaNG 6.7 beta, we had it reviewed and tested by many customers. Now it’s time to call it GA.

The new release has complete support for all the new vSphere object types, addtional methods and properties to existing object types. More specifically, here are the 3 new object types:

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1. CryptoManagerHost: Singleton Managed Object used to manage cryptographic keys on the host.
2. CryptoManagerHostKMS: Implementation of the above type, still on the host level.
3. HostNvdimmSystem: This is the managed object responsible for reading and configuring Non-Volatile DIMMs. It can be reached from HostSystem object.

There are also addtional 32 methods and 14 properties added to the existing object types. One of the added method is the ClearTriggeredAlarms() method. For a long time, you can create alarm, get alarm status, but you cannot reset an already triggered alarm. This method would solve the problem, finally. If you are ISV, or IHV, the new method can definitely better integrate with VMware by leveraging the powerful alarm feature of vSphere.

Other enhancements will also be very useful for example the OVF/OVA deployment, which may not work for cloud environments like VMware on AWS using the old APIs. I will explain it later in a separate article.

For the vijavaNG, we don’t have free downloads. If you are interested in evaluating it, please email me.

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