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VMDeployer 2.0 Released: VM Migration, Recent Tasks, Enhanced Virtual Machine Cloning

December 28th, 2017 Leave a comment Go to comments

As the year end of 2017 approaches, we just released the last version of the free tool. We’ve been sticking to the 2 to 3 week release cycles for most prior releases. Because of the holidays, I had more time to work on the tool, so this release is faster than usual.

There are three major changes in this release besides the version number change:

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1. VM Migration support (vCener only). Now you can select any virtual machine from the virtual machine list and migrate it to another ESXi host, datastore, or both. As you can see, the GUI is actually pretty simplified, thus should take less time for day to day operations.

2. Recent Tasks. A new tab is added as “Recent Tasks” to display the most recent tasks in the target server during the last 5 or 10 minutes. The tab shows similar task list as you would find in the vSphere Client or the Web Client.

3. Enhanced Virtual Machine Cloning. In the prior release, you can select the destination folder, and that is it. Internally, the tool uses the same host, resource pool, and datastore as the source virtual machine. It works fine with the virtual machines, but not with the virtual machine templates. In other words, you cannot deploy a new virtual machine from a virtual machine template. The reason is very simple – the virtual machine templates, although modeled the same as the virtual machines within vSphere, do not have resource pool allocation.

To solve this issue, we added the selections for hosts, resource pools, and datastores. Thus, you can clone/deploy any virtual machine or templates without limitations.

The 2.0 release is already online for downloading at: http://www.doublecloud.net/downloads.php. Please feel free to give it a try and share with others.

Lastly, but not the least, thanks to all the users and customers of the tool and other products, as well our blog readers. Wish you all a wonderful 2018.

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