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VMDeployer 1.11 Released: More Choices to Export OVA and OVA with Multi-threading

November 30th, 2017 Leave a comment Go to comments

It’s been 6 weeks since my last blog post announcing 1.9. There was actually 1.10 release in the middle which I did not have time to write about it. The biggest change in 1.10 is the enhancement to the virtual machine management: change from many buttons to the menu for VM related operations, and add a few more operations like edit settings. With these, it’s fairly easy and fast to get your daily VM management work done.

The 1.11 release is mostly addressing a couple of requirements from the community. By default, the tool downloads the OVA and OVF files into a predefined folder with the user’s home directory. It works well most of the times. If you have to download many OVAs, the user’s home directory may be limited by free space, epecially you have small system disk. Daniel (@DkY_Swe) raised the issue to me on Twitter and we quickly exchanged ideas on this.

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The solution is to have a dialog box, shown as follows, for user to select whatever directory to export the OVA. Then users can select data disk where enough space can be allocated.


Another requirement is to control the number of threads for downloading. The tool can download many OVF/OVA as you want at a time. If you have tens of virtual machines to export, you may want to control how many downloads concurrently. Now on the same dialog box, we added a number limit so that users can change before downloading.

The dialog box has default values. If you’re OK with the default, one click should start the exporting like the following:

To download this free tool: http://www.doublecloud.net/downloads.php

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