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VM Deployer 1.5 Released: VM Power Management, Deletion, and Regular Expression

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Since the first release of VMDeployer, we’ve seen so many downloads that we decided to invest more time even though it’s a free tool. The community support can be bigger motivation than anything else.

Here we have this 1.5 release which adds a few more features. Most of these features are there for users to have complete end-to-end user experiences. I will explain why under each item.

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1. Full power cycle management of all the virtual machines. After connecting to a vCenter or ESXi host, you can not only export any VMs, open VMRC consoles, but also manage their lifecycles: power on, power off, suspend, and reset. All these actions can be applied on one or many virtual machines at a time.

Why: you cannot export a powered on virtual machine. To power off a virtual machine, you have to leave the tool and use something like vSphere Web Client, or PowerShell cmdlets. With 1.5 release, you can easily and quickly manage any virtual machine’s power states.

2. Delete virtual machines or remove them from inventory tree. You can select any virtual machines and clean them up.

Why: with the easy deployment of VMs, especially you can deploy more than one VM at a time, you can easily deploy many VMs over time. What if you don’t need them any more? Again, you have to use other tools. With this release, you can get them done easily and a lot faster than any other ways.

3. Enhanced selection of virtual machines. We added IP address, host, guest OS ID, etc in the virtual machine list so than you can quickly filter out the virtual machines of your interest. Besides the simple text search, we added regular expression support so that you can have pretty sophisticated and powerful filters.

4. New layout. We use to have ovf field at the top of the window. The rationale behind that was that the OVF represents the source, and all the rest are destiation and configurations. With more VM related features, it makes sense to move the vCenter up as the overall context.

As a side note, we actually re-wrote the whole layout code. The previous GUI layout was machine generated code. Should we call it AI empowered code? It was fast development but not as clean as I had expected. We weren’t sure if anyone would like to use the tool. Now things are a little different and we decided to manually re-write the code. There isn’t much difference for the end users except that the alignment of GUI components looks better.

5. As Ronny Steiner reported, some error message was not quite clear. We made a little improvement at least the part he had reported. It will be a continuous process for a great software. Please feel free to ask any questions or send us feedback.

Again, here is the download link: http://www.doublecloud.net/downloads.php

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    VM Deployer 1.5 Released: VM Power Management, Deletion, and Regular Expression https://t.co/IymiVmz5K1 #VMTN

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