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VMworld 2016 and vSearch 3.0 Preview

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The VMworld 2016 is coming in about two weeks. Although I’ve attended every single VMworld after 2007, it’s my first time as an exhibitor myself, to be exact, as a new innovator in the show. If you follow my blog and Twitter, you probably have know the company DoubleCloud that I had founded and the cool products/technologies we’ve been working on. This is the first year for us to promote our products in show. Please come to see our product demos, or simply stop by and say hi. Our booth is 841#4.

We have a few products and projects, but we will mainly demo the vSearch 3.0, which just arrived its beta status a couple days ago. As I had mentioned in my previous post on the 3.0 features, the main theme of 3.0 is “Cloudy.”

Time to learn how to "Google" and manage your VMware and clouds in a fast and secure


As planned, the version supports major public clouds like AWS and Azure, other private clouds like Openstack, and Kubernetes managed containers. As we see the enterprises are increasingly adopting public clouds and containers, we see a huge potential there for the product. This post I wrote earlier explains why we believe search is better than tree to handle massive information like today’s enterprise datacenters. With containers, we will all see even more massive information coming.

The overall user experience in vSearch 3.0 is pretty similar to that of vSearch 2.0. You can select an individual cloud to search or all the clouds to search through the drop down list as shown below.


In order to support multiple clouds easily from development point of view, we’ve created a plugin architecture. With the new architecture, we can add support for a new cloud within one week. IF you have other clouds to support, please let us know. If you will see more clouds can be search at the show, please don’t be surprised. 

Another major feature is the WebICE. For those you haven’t used our ICE tool, it’s Integrated Cloud Environment, a product that is inspired by IDE for the system administrators and devops to interact with many VMs, hosts, or standalone machines. The product is based on Java platform thus works on Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and Solaris. You can check more at our company site and even download the free version.

While the ICE is a great product for individual productivity, we think it would be nice to have a Web version. That would make the interaction with your VMs, EC2 instances, etc much easier. You can “Google” your workload and open multiple SSH terminals to them with only one click, still in the Web browser! Just like what ICE offers, you can also type once into many open SSH terminals. Just imagine how much typing you can save if you have many VMware or Azure VMs to manage, and how much consistency you can achieve. The latter can be very important if you want to avoid random issues caused by mistyping.


We think administrators and devops will find it very handy. We imagine that you will no longer have to memorize your VM’s host names or IPs – just google them and get to them in a couple of clicks.

We will create a few videos on the vSerach 3.0 beta this week. Stay tuned.

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