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vSearch 2.0 Released: “Super vCenter” is Even Superer

After more than 4 months of hard work, we are proud to announce the second major release of the product. On the high level, there are 3 major features besides many smaller improvements over the first release based on the customers’ feedback.

1. VM Actions and Group Actions

Time to learn how to "Google" and manage your VMware and clouds in a fast and secure


Users can now manage any virtual machine within the system. As said earlier, the vSearch product is not a replacement of vCenter, but rather complements vCenter. Therefore, we implement commonly used actions, for example, power management, vm settings, upgrade VMware Tools and virtual hardware, clone, remove VMs, etc. More actions can still accessed via the vCenter with single click.

Better than anything else, users can take the actions on a group of VMs that are part of a search result. That means, you can for example upgrade all the VMware Tools for all VMs in a folder with a single click.

Needless to say much, this feature will give users a huge productivity boost while working on single or a group of VMs.

2. Asset Management

For any VMs and hosts, users can manage them as assets with key/value pairs of owner, team, project, comment. Users can also add more customized attributes for whatever purposes. For example, if this feature is used by tech support team, users can add a new attribute as case number for tracking the support case; if it’s used by an engineering group, users can include a bug number to link back to issue tracking systems. For the service providers, you can track customer information for particular hosts and VMs.

Besides the virtual assets that are already managed by one of the vCenters, users can also use it to manage external assets as well, for instance, Cisco switches.

All the asset information can be nicely analyzed, filtered, grouped, exported/imported to users’ operation needs.


The VMware community has been asking for REST APIs for quite some time. With 2.0 release, we made it happen. In fact, our first major feature is built on top of the REST APIs. In that, we are “eating our own dogfood.”

Limited by the scope, I will not explain much here, but want to mention two factors: 1. It’s based on JSON, thus very easy to work with almost any programming languages; 2. It re-uses the same vSphere API model so that you can use the API without much training.

Michael White has writen a great review on the product with many screenshots illustrating the features:

Like the first release, we also offer free evaluation. Please feel free to learn more and download the product for trials.

Before this second release was out of door, we’ve been working on the next major release. We don’t have much details to share here, but three important highlights:

1. We’ll go beyond VMware for wider scope of coverage and penetration of enterprise data centers.
2. We expect to have beta by the end of August.
3. We have decided to show our products at VMworld this year, so come to see us there for the beta demo.

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