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Big Data to Tomcat Behind Nginx

October 5th, 2015 Leave a comment Go to comments

In a Web application I created, I need to upload some data to a Java Servlet for further processing. I wish JavaScript could be more powerful so that I can process everything in the front end, but I could not find a good JavaScript library for the job.

Everything works well until some big changes got in – it stopped working sometimes and the pattern is not quite consistent. Initially I thought it was because of long time processing at the server side.

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It turned out it’s not the case later when I have more to look into it later. From the browser console in developer tools, I found the following print out.

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 413 (Request Entity Too Large)

It’s clear that the server rejected the big data. Because my tomcat server runs behind Nginx, it’s not clear which server caused it. A quick look at the tomcat access log showed that there is no URL for the server. So it’s most like that Nginx caused the problem.

With that in mind, a quick Internet search with keyword with Nginx and above error message got me many articles. The solution is actually quite simple: add the following line inside the server section in the /etc/nginx/nginx.conf file as follows:

client_max_body_size 10M;

Now the Nginx will allow 10M in the request body – a limit that is good enough for my task.

With the change of configuration, the Nginx server must be restarted using the following the command:

# systemctl restart nginx
  1. October 18th, 2015 at 03:32 | #1

    Hi! If you set client_max_body_size to 0 the system stops checking the body size.

  2. October 20th, 2015 at 03:05 | #2

    Thanks a lot Serhii, will give it a try!

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