VMware Partner Exchange 2012: Day One

Today is the first day of VMware Partner Exchange 2012 in Las Vegas. As usual, it started with keynotes, presented by Scott Aronson (Senior Vice President, Global Channels and Alliances), Paul Maritz (CEO), and Steve Herrod (CTO & SVP, R&D) consecutively. I personally didn’t find a lot new but mostly rehashed from previous keynotes. Nevertheless, there were several interesting numbers from the three keynotes:

  • $41.5 billion: private cloud opportunity by 2015.
  • 350,000: VMware customer base.
  • 50%: workloads not yet virtualized in enterprises; 80%: not virtualized in non-enterprises.
  • 350%: more revenues by competent partners vs. non-competent partners.
  • 2326: the days of an ESX (must be ESX not ESXi) has been running at a customer site. It’s much longer than what I heard before like 3+ years.

Steve Herrod mentioned in his keynote that some of the traffic light controllers in California and Germany use VMware virtualization. I haven’t noticed or heard anything different with traffic lights, which is a good thing, meaning they at least work as well as before.

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After the keynotes, I spent most of my time in several breakout sessions: vFabric and Cloud Foundry Roadmap; Tips, Tricks and Lessons Learned in Designing a Virtual Desktop as a Service (vDaaS) with End-to-End Secure Multi-tenancy; The VMware View Reference Architecture; Everything Backup – VMware vSphere, vCloud, and View.

The vDaaS session discussed a very interesting combination of vCloud Director and VMware View. It packages View into the catalog and provision it on demand. The presenters basically showed how they turned “it should work” to “it does work,” and more importantly how.

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