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VMworld 2011 Las Vegas: Day Two

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Today is day two of VMworld 2011 in Las Vegas. VMware CTO Steve Herrod got on stage with his technology deep dives into various products and new projects around the cloud story – “your cloud, own it.” Again this is based on my note and memory, and has not reviewed by anyone. Mistakes are all mine.

He started out by emphasizing the shift of infrastructure focus of IT to people focus in the new era. Unlike yesterday’s keynote, he used white boarding animations all across his slides, which is pretty fun. While I was taking note with my camera, I found I had to take more pictures than otherwise because the eraser constantly removed existing content on same slides.

Time to learn how to "Google" and manage your VMware and clouds in a fast and secure


The order of Steve’s presentation was different this time. Instead covering vSphere first, he first did end user computing which was categorized as post PC era with multiple devices, universal access, and high expectation. In this part, he touted out three themes: simplify, manage and connect, under which covered View 5, project ThinApp Factory, Project Octopus (dropbox like file sharing for enterprises), project Horizon (single sign on for SaaS), project App Blast, virtual phone, etc.

The virtual phone partnered with LG is particularly appealing, amplified by a live show in which a new hire of an insurance company installed his company mobile phone into his personal physical phone with one click, and then did his work remotely and collaboratively with call center. The company mobile phone is isolated from his personal phone and managed by company IT.

Steve Herrod moved onto vSphere 5 as the foundation of all. He listed all the industry firsts of vSphere over the last 10 years. It’s amazing to see the innovation path. For SMB, he particularly talked about VMware GO and vSpere storage appliance. For enterprises, he discussed auto deploy feature for ESXi. As one of the key features, vSphere support jumbo VMs which could have 32 vCPUs, 1TB GB memory, and 1,000,000 IOPS per host.

Steve moved onto 3 guarantees in vSphere: performance with storage I/O control and network I/O control; availability guarantee with SRM 5.0 which supports more use cases beyond disaster recovery, for example, moving workloads between datacenters; and security with vShield Endpoint, vShield App, and vShield Edge. He discussed VXLAN technology which separates ID from location and has been submitted to ITEF for standardization.

After the hypervisor, Steve continued with management with a focus on automation with reversed order of alert and respond. For that, he mentioned 3 steps: monitor, correlate, and remediate, followed by two sneak previews and conclusion. Because previews were marked as VMworld only, so I skipped them here.

After the keynote, I went out to check out the SolutionExchange. There are many more vendors this year with many new and cool products and technologies. I just could not check out all of them. Noticeably there are several more storage startups because of two important trends: virtualization and SSD. I will blog more after the event.

During the lunch hours, we had devops meet up in the community lounge with the many of my colleagues and developers/system administrators who are interested in VMware SDK/APIs/CLIs for integration and automation.

In the afternoon, I attended the #cloudtalk tweet up in VMware booth theatre. It’s pretty cool to see many twitters whom I hadn’t met before. Same case in the VMware press party hosted by Pearson education which owns Addison Wesley and Prentice Hall.

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