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Least Used API in vSphere

Last week I was extremely busy working on the VI(vSphere) Java API 3.0 (codename: Crescendo) whose main theme to support the next release of vSphere. To my surprise, I caught on an API that should have been included in vSphere Java API 2.1 but somehow omitted. Even surprised to me is that no one has reported to me via our sourceforge.net tracker.

I think the conclusion can only be one – there is no one using the API in VI Java API. Given the popularity of vSphere Java API, should I declare it’s the least used API in our SDK? :-)

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The API is defined in the HostStorageSystem managed object since SDK 4.0. Here is the method and its implementation in the Java API.

       * <strong>@since</strong> SDK4.0
      <strong>public</strong> <strong>void</strong> unmountForceMountedVmfsVolume(String vmfsUuid) <strong>throws</strong> NotFound, HostConfigFault, RuntimeFault, RemoteException
        getVimService().unmountForceMountedVmfsVolume(getMOR(), vmfsUuid);

Given it’s the least used API, I do not plan to add it to the 2.1 branch unless some of you tell me otherwise. But it will definitely hit 3.0.

Last but not least, our open source project has been responsive in helping the community. Should you have a bug, please feel free to file a bug and email me if it’s a critical one for you.