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VMware APIs & SDKs at VMware Communities Roundtable

My colleague John Troyer (@jtroyer), who hosts VMware Communities Roundtable, has posted an interview with Alan Renouf (@alanrenouf) and me about our thoughts on VMware SDKs, APIs, and CLIs on May 18. During the interview, I answered questions about the open source vSphere Java APIs, the themes of my blogs (why it’s called doubecloud), what I am doing now at VMware, and of course our first community meetup event on the same day. If you have missed the session, you can listen to it now: , or here.

The one hour program runs from 12PM to 1PM (PST) every Wednesday. It is packed with a lot of information from industry news to VMware product releases, and interviews with many experts. It’s a great source of information and news if you are interested in what is happening in virtulization and cloud computing. So far there are totally 141 sessions archived here. Please tune into the program every Wednesday or listen to the archives, whatever works the best for you.

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