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VMware PEX 2011 – Day Two

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This is the official day one of the conference. The most important part is of course the keynote in the moring. The following is based on my notes therefore may not accurate.

VMware CEO Paul Maritz kicked it off by reiterating the huge success last year with $2.9B revenue as 41% year-over-year increase, and $45B ecosystem around VMware technologies. He gave a big thank-you to all the partners for that.

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Paul moved on by asking, “what customer want?” His answers is “enable greater business agility while becoming more efficient.” He emphasized that infrastructure is to support applications, and discussed the evolution from existing enterprise app, to new enterprise app, and to SaaS. He concluded his keynote saying “working down the road ahead can be better.”

After Paul came on stage Dale Irvin, who is a “professional summarizer” (a specialized comedic speaker?). He recapped what Paul just talked about and made small jokes. He did pretty much the same for each of the following keynote speakers therefore one “don’t need to take note and just listen to him.” To paraphrase him, you don’t need to attend PEX but read my blog. :-)

Then Raghu Raghuram took over stage and talked about the visions and product strategies for infrastructure part. He illustrated how VMware products can help build enterprise hybrid cloud: vSphere, vCenter, vShield with IT facing part; vCloud Director with user facing part. He emphasized VMware management approaches as: 1. simplicity and automated management; 2. ensure performance & policy; 3. management cost, SLA, compliance. In the end, he talked about security business opportunity and how VMware can help there.

Tod Nielsen continued to talk about “building cloud datacenters: infrastructure as a service.” He opened his talk with a story of his Microsoft time and concluded “developers rule.” He sees customers are facing new challenges in 2011: 1. SaaS integration; 2.new & unstructured data; 3. mobile devices; 4. social network. He summarized VMware advantage for platform service: 1. multi-framework; 2. multi-cloud; 3. run on best hypervisor. Of course, there is vFabric. He talked about a success story how GemFire helped a bank made $1B in 20 minutes.

In the end, Chris Young talked about end user computing. He mentioned 3 important works there: 1. modernize desktop; 2. unified app management; 3. deliver user centric application. He laid out the priorities for different products in 2011, including View, ThinApp, Zimbra, and project Horizon. He also announced new certifications for desktop products at different levels. You can find more details here.

In each of the talks except Paul, VMware CTO Steve Herrod demoed many exciting projects. I am not sure if I can blog much about it now. But you want to follow Steve at Twitter (@herrod).

That is pretty much the keynotes in the morning. After that, I talked to many partners. Among them is Joerg Lew who teaches VMware classes in Germany. He also compiled a good list of resources on VMware Orchestrator on his website. He is going to re-launch his new site in a few week and notify me.

I also got a chance to talk to Mariano Maluf who used to be in HomeDepot and is now CTO and VP of GNAX. More important for the community is his role as the president of VMUG. By talking to him, Jane and Kim, I found out the VMUG is now an independent entity from VMware. Of course it still get all the support from the company. VMUG today runs many mini VMworld event around the world, therefore definitely a good channel to promote your product and services. Mariano invited me to give talks in the future, so don’t surprised to see me in a VMUG close to you.

That is about today. See you tomorrow.

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