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VMware PEX 2011 – Day Three

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Today’s meeting started by Dale Irvin who told several jokes before he introduced Carl Eschenbach, co-president of customer operations. Karl reiterated what he said before to partners, “you are not extension of our salesforce, you are our salesforce.” He reviewed four quarters in 2010 with breakdown numbers, and thanked partners for growing VMware business.

Among the top 15 partners who won awards are F5 as technology innovator of the year; and Siemens as vertical application partner of the year. Representatives from these companies got on stage with Karl for a photo. In 2010, partners got $300K opportunity on every $20K VMware sales, an increase from 11 times year before to 15 times.

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Moving on, Karl went over the awards VMware got, from people to channel programs and products. He then showed a chart with four squares, on which companies like VMware, Microsoft, Citrix and other technology vendors are listed. VMware is the only company in the top right square with technical leadership. “We’re almost out of chart. They kept us in.” Karl joked.

In the second half, Karl talked about changes and programs in favor of partners like more margins for partners and marketing development funds. He called actions for partners to leverage these. He concluded his speech with “believe” theme.

After Carl came on stage Rich Jackson, VMware chief marketing officer. He mentioned a Goldman Sachs survey indicating “15% enterprise workload will be in cloud.” The cloud will improve IT agility, and further business agility, and therefore corporate performance.

He introduced VMware Grid campaign which has website: vmwaregrid.com. If I recall correctly, the first 1,000 is free. You can double-check.

Then, Dale came up summarizing what Karl and Rick talked about. He make a joke there with Nobel peace prize, “they gave it to the President but you guys grow the economy.”

The last part of the keynote is a motivational speech by Daniel Pink who is the author of best seller book Drive. He reviewed several scientific studies on people’s motivation. According to these, money/bonus work well for mechanical work. “But once the talk called for even rudimentary cognitive skill, a large reward led to poorer performance.”

Dan then mentioned an experiment with a group of artists. Ten of them are assigned to work for commission; Another ten with no commission. “Our result were quite startling. The commissioned works were rated as significantly less creative than the non-commissioned works, yet they were not reared as different in technical quality.” He also mentioned several real world examples of how company especially high tech companies motivate people like Netflix, Facebook, Google, Atlassian, Intuit, etc..

His conclusion is quite simple – to get high performance from your team, you will three things: autonomy, mastery, and purpose. He specifically mentioned management is a technology of 1850s for coordination and compliance of process. New style of management needs engagement and autonomy works best for people’s engagement. Mastery means people like to work on what they are good at – give them freedom to choose. Purpose means companies should give a higher purpose to the people’s work, for example saving lives for medical device company. It’s important to let people know why their work is important.

That is all about the second day keynote.

After the keynote, I chatted with David Davis (@daviddavis) from TrainSignal. I once watched one of his training videos. He just has the talent to simplify the subject and explain it with plain language. I also got chances to chat with a couple of partners from EMC, Terremark, NetApp before my booth duty, and many more when I was on booth duty.

Time for appreciation party, after which I will prepare my presentation tomorrow.

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