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Gadget Talk: What Are the Newest and Most Innovative Gadgets?

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I attended SDForum emerging technology SIG meeting on Wednesday night I. It’s about cool gadgets by award winning tech journalist and entrepreneur Fred Davis, who was part of Weird, CNET, Ask Jeeves, Ziff-Davis publishing on PC Magazine, PC Week, MacUser, A+. The following are gadgets Fred talked about in his presentation. It’s based on my note which may not be accurate. Hopefully it gives ideas what to buy for the holidays.

  1. iPod Touch. It’s like an iPhone but no phone support. You can use Skype with WIFI however. Price: $189 with 8G
  2. iPod Nano. Small music player with price about $139.
  3. iPod Shuffle. Smallest music player in the iPod family. Price: $49
  4. iPad. This is hottest consumer devices that created a record on fastest adoption. Price: $499
  5. iPad keyboard/wireless keyboard.
  6. Kindle Wifi 3G. It’s an e-book reader from Amazon. Compared with other readers or general purpose devices, it comes with no color but best selection of books and digital right management. $189
  7. MiFi 2200 mobile hotspot. It uses Verizon 3G to provide wireless connection to 5 WIFI enabled devices. Price: $269 and could be cheaper with iPad bundle.
  8. Xbox 360 4GB with Kinect. It’s controller free motion control from Microsoft. Price: $149
  9. Playstation Move. It’s a remote like motion sensitive controller with sphere at the end. Price: $100
  10. Panasonic Viera TC-P50VT25. This is the best 3D TV coming with glasses. You can have better experience with this than in theater. Price: $1,725
  11. Sony NX810 HDTV LED TV: This 55 inch TV is ready for 3D movies. Price: $2900
  12. Vuzix Wrap 920. This 3D video glasses weight 3oz, and has to be individually adjusted. Price: $350
  13. Logitech Revue (Google TV). It can connect to HDMI and TV with either cable or wireless. It’s based on Android as you can expect. Price: $300
  14. Panasonic HDC-SDT 750. This 3D video camera has 3 MOS sensors with 1080p shot and 3D conversion lens. Although you can capture 3D video, you have limited devices to replay. Price: $1,399
  15. Red’s Mysterium X Camera. With 4K resolution, it’s only reliable video camera ready for shooting commercial movies. It comes with a heavy price tag: $25,000.
  16. Nikon D7000. This camera has 16.2 megapixel CMOS sensor, can record 1082p HD video with microphone jack. It also support scene recognition for focus accuracy. Price: 1,199.95
  17. Cannon EOS 7D. It has 18.0 megapixels with dual DIGIL 4 image processor. You can also use it recording high definition videos. Price: $1,699
  18. Sonos S5. It’s a multi-room wireless music system you can control from your iPhone or iPad. It comes with 5 drivers and 5 dedicated digital amplifiers. According to Fred, it has the best software support. Price: $399
  19. Bosch Laser Measurer. It uses laser to measure distances between 2 inches to 130 feet with accuracy 1/16 inch.  Price: $80
  20. Gruve. It’s a personal activity monitor for motion/activity. It can set your metabolic rate and measure calories. It can alert you if you sit too long. I think it should be a great helper if you are in front of a computer all day long. Price: $199.95

You can buy most of them at Amazon.

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