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vSphere Java API Exceeds 10,000 Downloads

October 7th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

October 6, 2010, is a historical moment for VI Java API project – the total downloads exceeded 10,000. It’s two days earlier than I had expected. After yesterday’s blog on the NetApp and Brocade’s testimonials, the daily downloads suddenly doubled. When I found the stats approaching 10,000, I tweeted “vSphere Java API 9,999 downloads now. Who want to be No. 10,000?” I wish I could have been able to track who made the No. 10,000. :-)

Strictly speaking, the total had exceeded 10,000 a while back. Besides typical downloads, you can also directly sync up with the subversion. As I checked the number there, it had passed 1,000 reads early this year.

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Thanks to you all, the vSphere Java API community!

10,000 downloads is not a big deal for an application especially when it’s for end users. It’s a big deal for an API, and even bigger for an enterprise API which requires vSphere environment which not every developer has access to.

Besides the download number, I would like to brag these numbers:

  • Critical bugs have been fixed within 24 hours. The shortest fix was within 30 minutes after the bug was filed.
  • Questions are normally answered within 24 hours.
  • 0 question in API forum is not answered.
  • Nearly 1,200 messages have accumulated in the API forum.
  • 0 complaints about the community support.
  • 100+ thank you emails / messages from API users.

Looking forward, we have many exciting features under planning and development of Crescendo release (3.0). For more details, please read this blog. I wish to get inputs from folks who work on system automation.

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