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vSphere Java API at VMworld 2010

September 6th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Last week was a super busy week for all the people involved in VMworld 2010 in San Francisco. Because I spent two hours driving to Moscone Center and back home, I didn’t write any blog after getting back totally exhausted. Now it’s time to get back to it.

I believe there are many blogs/news on VMworld in general. Let me get down to a much narrow part: VMware Sponsored open source vSphere Java API at VMworld 2010.

Time to learn how to "Google" and manage your VMware and clouds in a fast and secure


Thanks to the community, my presentation on vSphere API Best Practice went very well. It’s based on the top 10 best practices blog (part 1, part 2) I wrote early this year, with real world experiences shared with partner engagements. Two copies of my book were given away at the end of the presentation. Thanks to Pablo Roesch for getting the books!

After the presentation, I was invited to check out new products built on top of vSphere Java API. I cannot disclose all of them here because some are not yet on the poweredby page. Here are several companies I can publicly talk about:

  1. newScale. The company is the leading provider of self-service software for enterprise IT and private/public cloud computing. Its newScale 9 won the best of VMworld Gold in Private Cloud Computing Category. Congratulations to Giridhar Padmanabh and his team for this awesome accomplishment!
  2. Altor Networks. The company ships great products on security and compliance. Thanks to Elsa Bignoli for demoing her great work for integrating with VMware. Elsa is also one of the contributors to the vSphere Java API.
  3. Reflex Systems. I know Aaron Bawcom for years soon after I joined VMware. He is one of the first adopters of vSphere Java API. On top of it, he and his team invented VQL after SQL for virtualization management.
    Aaron showed me an interesting feature as cross vCenter vMotion which is not yet supported by VMware. Aaron and his team created a Jython script that automates this. The idea is simple: using a taxi host. First, attach a taxi host with source vCenter and migrate a VM to the taxi host. Then detach the taxi host from source vCenter and attach it to destination vCenter. Finally, migrate the VM to a new host under destination vCenter. When I saw “taxi_host” as a variable name, I couldn’t help laughing. Nice name and well done feature, Aaron and team!
  4. Arkeia. The company delivers fast, easy-to-use, and affordable solutions for data backup and disaster recovery. Its product protects data on over 150 platforms. I chatted briefly with Hubert Verstraete briefly during my presentation, and checked the demo in exhibition hall.
  5. HyTrust. The company ships a network-based virtual infrastructure policy enforcement solution nicely integrated with vSphere. I bumped into Boris Strongin and Will DeHaan in the exhibition hall.

One great thing of attending VMworld is the self paced hands-on lab. There were 4 programming related labs this year: PowerCLI, vSphere SDK for Java, vSphere SDK for C#, and vCloud API. To find out how the lab looks like, you got to check out pictures in Duncan Epping blog. If you miss the vSphere Web Service SDK for Java lab, you can check out this tutorial which shows how to get your first Hello vSphere program running in 5 minutes.

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