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Why Hyperic Chose VI Java API for vSphere Integration?

August 11th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

VMware SpringSource released Hyperic 4.4 last week. According to Charles Lee, co-founder of Hyperic, one key feature is “enhanced management of VMware virtualized environments through integration with VMware vCenter.” I am glad vSphere(VI) Java API (a.k.a. vijava) has contributed to the success of the product.

Here is part of Charles’s blog Hyperic Broadens vSphere Support through vCenter APIs in Version 4.4 explaining the rationale behind the choice:

Time to learn how to "Google" and manage your VMware and clouds in a fast and secure


While Hyperic has long had support for VMware technologies (a.k.a. VMware Infrastructure or VI), the availability of the VI Java API (http://vijava.sf.net) made our jobs much easier, because the power SDK streamlined how a Java application can interact with VI back then.  By adopting the VI Java API, we were able to keep up with VMware’s evolution easily from VI to VMware vSphere, as it is known today.  This also allowed us to communicate directly with both ESX and ESXi servers without differentiation or modification as those technologies evolved.

In fact, the connection between Hyperic and vijava started the alpha release of vijava in 2008.

We switched to using the VI Java API the day of its 1st alpha release in the Hyperic HQ plugin for VI3 and haven’t looked back. Using the VI Java API is concise and intuitive, yet powerful and solved all the challenges we’d seen previously when using the SDK. We’re also thrilled with the performance improvements and removal of dependency jars after upgrading to VI Java 2.0. Looking forward to tapping into the new vSphere features as well. A big thank you to Steve and the VI Java team!
Doug MacEachern, CTO, Hyperic (now part of VMware with SpringSource acquisition)

Hyperic is one of lots of success stories I heard about the API empowering various projects for commercial products and in-house automation. I’ve just created a PoweredBy page to share these stories with links back to your products and companies. With 25,000+ web hits a month to the project home, it’s a great advertisement for your products. If you want to be listed, just write me an email (sjin at vmware.com).

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