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Eclipse Day at GooglePlex: A Brief Trip Report

August 27th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

I attended Eclipse Day at Google headquarter today. It’s a great event packed with several great talks.

Mobile application is for sure a hot topic these days. There were several talks on mobile application development like Android Tools for Eclipse by Xavier Ducrohet from Google, Eclipse Sequoyah for Android App Developers by Eric Cloninger from Motorola, Tools for Mobile Web by Paul Beusterien from Symbian Foundation, and EMF for GWT by Ed Merks from Cloudsmith.

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While sitting in the talk on Instantiations Eclipse Tools, I learned that Google bought the company 3 weeks ago. I expect Google will soon make WindowsBuilder, a famous WYSIWYG GUI authoring tool, free for GWT users, therefore further drive the adoption of GWT in competition with Flex, SilverLight.

Hopefully Google will also make it free to all others like SWT, SWING, RAP, RCP users. Big companies spend millions and billions of dollars on advertising. Google does not advertise by itself, and should spend money instead on free products that are useful to developers. In long term, I think community goodwill is more important than pure advertisement for a company’s brand recognition.

Another interesting talk is Git and Eclipse by Chris Aniszczyk from Red Hat and Shawn Pearce from Google. It’s mainly about EGIT plugin which allows you to use Git in Eclipse as CVS and Subversion. Two related projects are JGit, a Java implementation of original C based Git, and Gerrit which is “a web based code review system, facilitating online code reviews for projects using the Git version control system.” Even you don’t use Eclipse, you can benefit from JGit and Gerrit.