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What’s Deprecated in vSphere 4.1 API?

In vSphere 4.1, several properties and types have been deprecated. The following table from vSphere Web Services SDK 4.1 release note lists each deprecated API element and its replacement.

Name of deprecated type, method, or property As of vSphere API 4.1, use instead…
PropertyCollector.CheckForUpdates PropertyCollector.WaitForUpdatesEx
PropertyCollector.RetrieveProperties PropertyCollector.RetrievePropertiesEx
PropertyCollector.WaitForUpdates PropertyCollector.WaitForUpdatesEx
VirtualMachine.AcquireMksTicket VirtualMachine.AcquireTicket
Data Objects
VirtualMachineMksTicket VirtualMachineTicket
Data Object Properties
ClusterVmToolsMonitoringSettings.enabled ClusterVmToolsMonitoringSettings.vmMonitoring
HostCapability.replayUnsupportedReason HostCapability.replayCompatibilityIssues
VirtualDisk.shares StorageIOAllocationInfo.shares
VirtualMachineRuntimeInfo.memoryOverhead PerformanceManager memory overhead counter

Note that the release note has much more information that you should really read through if you use vSphere 4.1 API.

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