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vSphere Java API 2.1 Beta Is Ready For Limited Access

I have finished vSphere(VI) Java API 2.1 beta last week. The major feature is to support next version of vSphere. The company legal also approved the contribution to the open source project after product release.

Because VMware hasn’t released the next version of product yet, I cannot release the code to general public for the moment. API and product are much like the view and model in MVC: from the new APIs you can guess what new features are in the coming product.

Lost VMs or Containers? Too Many Consoles? Too Slow GUI? Time to learn how to "Google" and manage your VMware and clouds in a fast and secure HTML5 App.

For existing vSphere beta partners/customers, if you want to have early access to the vSphere Java API 2.1 beta code, please contact me with your name, company, and technical alliance manager (TAM) at VMware. My email address is sjin at vmware.com. If you are not a beta user, the support is not very useful anyway.

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