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Attention Administrators: vSphere Java API is for You too!

Most people have the perception that vSphere Java API is for developers. It’s true but actually more than that. Administrators can take advantage of it as well.

Today, William Lam (@lamw) posted a Java version of his vdf tool which was originally written in Perl. For people don’t know William yet, he is a system administrator at Salesforce.com now and Yahoo before. He created and maintains the famous vGehtto script repository that almost every VI Perl developer knows about. William is also a vExpert and the No.1 contributor to the VMware developer community. Having not touched Java for 4+ years, William got his first HelloVM with VI Java API working in less than 5 minutes, and got the code converted in about one hour.

Time to learn how to "Google" and manage your VMware and clouds in a fast and secure


With the automation scope getting bigger and script getting more complicated, using programming languages like Java has big advantages: code manageability and reuse, easy integration with third party tools, performance, less runtime errors, etc.

If you are interested in using VI Java API for your administration and system automation, here is the links to get started:

  1. Get Started Tutorial. Also try other samples.
  2. Use Jython with VI Java API. Timo Sugliani also created a virtual appliance here.
  3. Use Groovy with VI Java API by Aaron Sweemer

Have a question? Post it at the vSphere Java API forum. Found a bug? Report it at the project tracker. Contribute code? Send me an email. Share experience/expertise? Write your comments here.

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