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Video on vSphere Java API Released at InfoQ

While searching Twitter on “vSphere Java”, I found my presentation available today online at InfoQ (many thanks to @arm1433 and @toya256ForRSS). It has both video and slides for more than one hour. The voice was not quite clear in the first one or two minutes. After that it’s pretty good.

This presenation is a complete overview of the open source vSphere Java API. Because the audience then was new to virtualization, the first several minutes covered a little virtualization basics. You can scroll over if you know virtualization already.

Time to learn how to "Google" and manage your VMware and clouds in a fast and secure


Here is the story behind this recorded presentation.

Last October I went to New Orleans for the SpringOne 2GX conference. After the VMworld 2009, I continued to port the CloudTools using vCloud API provided Terremark vCloudExpress. The ported system was used in the CloudFoundry demo in SpringSource CTO Adrian Colyer’s keynote.

Meanwhile, I gave a presentation on vSphere Java API. Before the conference, I got an email checking whether it’s OK for InfoQ to record the session. They saw its value to Java developers while reading the conference agenda. We’re 100% open source, why not? So they came in and recorded my presentation onsite.

After the conference, I almost forgot about it. But the final recording is available today. Thanks InfoQ.com!

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    Can we download the slides somewhere?

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