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Building Trusted Datacenters in the Cloud

RSA just had its annual conference at San Francisco this past week. Intel, VMware and RSA demoed how to build up layers of trust in data centers in the conference.

The foundation for this new trusted computing infrastructure is a hardware root of trust derived from Intel® Trusted Execution Technology (TXT), which authenticates each and every step of the boot sequence, from verifying hardware configurations and initializing the BIOS to launching the hypervisor. Once launched, the VMware virtualization environment collects data from both the hardware and virtual layers and feeds a continuous, raw data stream to the RSA enVision® Security Information and Event Management platform. The RSA enVision solution is engineered to analyze events coming through the virtualization layer to identify incidents and conditions affecting security and compliance. The information is then contextualized within the Archer SmartSuite Framework™ solution, which is designed to present a unified, policy-based assessment of the organization’s security and compliance posture through a central dashboard.

Time to learn how to "Google" and manage your VMware and clouds in a fast and secure


To get more info, check here.

The news release also mentioned a white paper: Infrastructure Security: Getting to the Bottom of Compliance in the Cloud. It’s authored by many industry thought leaders including VMware CTO Steve Herrod. Highly recommended.

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