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VMware PEX 2010 – Reception Party

February 9th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

After posting my last blog yesterday, I went on to the reception party. Besides good food, I had opportunities to talk to several companies with cool technologies and services.

One company really worths mentioning is Mitel because it has virtualized its PBX and run it as a virtual appliance in data centers. Their PBX is for IP based phones, and has a different role compared with a traditional PBX which handles not only signaling but also the voice packet switching. The IP phones use SIP protocol, and the PBX just takes care of signaling part. When the connection is set up, it backs off without filtering any voice packet. If either partner hangs off the phone, the PBX gets signal, tears down the connection, and readies both for next call. Still, with 5,000 IP phones managed by PBX virtual appliance on vSphere, it’s a big deal. In light of PBX being virtualized, what other software cannot be? Hardly any. 100% virtualization is definitely reachable.

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I also got a chance to talk and have a drink with BlueLock team. I met their CTO Pat O’Day weeks ago in our Palo Alto office. Here I saw more of his team who develop and market vCloudExpress service. It’s amazing to hear their story how cloud computing became one of their key differentiators and really helps grow the company.

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