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Can You Express Your Love With VMware For Valentine’s Day?

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While reading my personal emails today, I also checked the spam folder. One email title caught my eyes instantly, “Express Your Love with A Domain Name.” That sounds like an interesting idea for techies.

Following the lead, I was thinking what VMware can offer to help you to express your love. Obviously VMware has done far more than expressing. According to our CTO Steve Herrod, VMware VMotion had saved 74 marriages by the time of his keynote at VMworld 2009 (32’35”). I bet the number is even more today.

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With that statistical in mind, one quick solution is the VMotion and DRS which balance the computing workload, also your work and life I suppose. It’s great but only for the system administrators who have access to vSphere and VMware Infrastructure. For other people, it’s not that practical.

Luckily, VMware is not only about business, but also about personal. Here are several ideas you can consider for this coming Valentine’s day:

  1. Create a virtual machine using VMware Workstation/Server/Player. They can run on your existing desktop. The latter two products can be downloaded for free. The latest Player 3 can not only run existing virtual machines but also create new ones.
    Once getting one installed, you can create/run a new virtual machine named after you two. With the VM, you can add something like photos of you two, romantic clipart, love quotes, anecdotes, and etc. Unlike a public website, this VM belongs to you and your partner only, plenty of privacy. The greatest thing about using a VM is that it can be backed up easily, and copied around just like files.
  2. Buy VMware Fusion, which is best selling consumer product that allows you to use Windows on a Mac. If your loved one has a Mac already, it can be a perfect gift.
  3. Rent a virtual machine from one of VMware vCloudExpress partners. Compared with #1, it most likely costs you more, but you can access it anywhere from the Internet and you don’t need extra disk space and computing power locally. You can also create your web site, set up love blog, store your photos, and share with your families and friends.

I believe there are many other great ideas to express your love with virtualization particularly VMware. Please feel free to share yours in the comments.

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