A Meteorologist In A Computer Company

During VMware PEX last week, a partner told me a story. His wife’s company had a party where he had a conversation with the company CEO. Being asked what he did for his company, he explained the cloud related projects and his roles. In the end, the CEO said, “Oh I see, you are a meteorologist in a computer company.”

Well, this is an interesting story. But I take it as a sign that as an industry we haven’t done enough to explain the cloud computing to the potential customers like the CEO. This eventually hurts the transformation of IT toward this new computing model.

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There are two sides we need to work on here. On one hand, we need to do a better job in defining the cloud computing with concepts people are already familiar with. As Dave Hitz pointed out in his blog:

I’ve noticed that technical people sometimes love definitions that are so intricately detailed that non-technical people – including most business people – can’t understand them.

Dave actually gave a good try with his version of “cloud computing.” You may want to check it out from his blog.

On the other hand, we should not over-use or abuse the term of “cloud computing.” With its increasing popularity, many companies try very hard to tag their products/services with “cloud” even though they may have little to do with cloud computing. I think it may help to surface their products up in Google searches, but really doesn’t make much sense.

Having said that, I think our industry has quite a lot to do on the education front. This a challenge for all “meteorologists” in computer companies.

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